Friday, 29 August 2008

Science Blogging 2008: London, 30 August

Tomorrow (30 August) sees the first conference dedicated to science blogging. 'Science Blogging 2008: London' will be held at the Royal Institution and is jointly organised by the RI, Nature Networks and DIUS.

The conference will bring together science bloggers worldwide to explore issues in science research, science communication, public engagement and education. Participants will explore whether blogging can contribute to scientific research and careers. Can blogs contribute to the public understanding of science? What can science bloggers do to maximise the impact of their blogs?

This is a great chance to meet others blogging about science and learn more about this growing area of science communication.

Find out more about the conference and register on the Science Blogging website.

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Marguerite Manteau-Rao said...

What scientists can do, is pair up with expert communicators, people who know how to communicate complex science in simple, engaging ways, to match the understanding of various citizen groups.

This is particular true on environmental issues, such as biodiversity for instance:

I would love to work with scientists on this!