Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Prince Charles in Outspoken Attack on GM Crops

Prince Charles has warned, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, that the adoption of genetic modification in farming risks "the biggest disaster environmentally of all time". In an outspoken attack, the Prince accused "gigantic corporations" of conducting an "experiment with nature and the whole of humanity which has gone seriously wrong". He believes that over-reliance on large argri-business and GM corporations will drive millions of smaller farmers from their land, threatening future food security.

The biotechnology industry believes that there is a role for GM technology in tackling potential future food shortages: contributing to disease resistance and higher yields of crop varieties. In a statement from Defra the Government stated that "there is an important debate to be had on the potential role of GM crops in the future" and "welcome[d] all voices to that debate."

Read more on the BBC and Guardian Online


Anonymous said...

I am not the greatest fan of GM foods but I would take anything Prince Charles says with a massive pinch of pure sea salt. Prince Charles wants you to believe that he cares about the environment but it is all lies. He is just spouting propaganda for the British land owning class who want to keep the working class, in their place, in overcrowded and overpriced housing/slums in the cities. He is terrified that GM crops will need less land to grow our food, which will make his land less valuable.

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