Monday, 29 October 2007

Taking forward the Climate Change Bill

Defra has published a Command Paper entitled ‘Taking Forward the UK Climate Change Bill.’ The Paper is a response to the Consultation and Parliamentary inquiries into its Draft Climate Change Bill. The Paper makes a number of changes to the Climate Change Bill, including:

  • Asking the Committee on Climate Change to report on whether the Government’s target to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 60 percent by 2050 should be strengthened further;
  • Asking the Committee to look at the implications of including other greenhouse gases;
  • Strengthening the role and responsibilities of the Committee on Climate Change, including by requiring the Government to seek the Committee’s advice before amending the 2020 or 2050 targets in the Bill;
  • Strengthening the Committee’s independence from Government, by confirming that it will appoint its own chief executive and staff, and increasing its analytical resources;
  • Increased transparency, by requiring the Committee to publish its analysis and advice to Government on setting five-yearly carbon budgets, which are designed to provide clarity on the UK’s route towards its reduction targets;
  • Strengthening Parliament’s ability to hold Government to account, by requiring the Government to explain its reasons to Parliament if it does not accept the Committee’s advice on the level of the carbon budget, or if it does not meet a budget or target;
  • Strengthening the country’s preparedness for climate change by requiring the Government regularly to assess the risks of climate change to the UK, and to report to Parliament on its proposals and policies for sustainable adaptation to climate change.


Sam Clark said...

The only thing wrong with the whole scenario with climate change is that we are looking for the goverment to solve the problem. By the time they get around to it wheather it is in the UK or US or whereever, it will be too late if we wait for them. Take action today and find out 200 Ways To Prevent Global Warming. If you step up to the plate and decided to take action and do YOUR part each day...we can make a difference. Please do not wait for the government to take action.

MSmith said...

I fully agree with taking action, however that relies on altruistic individuals like yourself and ultimitely is only going to be a drop in the ocean. The long argumentative process of national and international politics is necessary to get anything large scale done (such as impositions on companies and non-altruistic individuals). This is one reason why we have government; to make the difficult decisions.