Friday, 29 June 2007

Parliamentary News

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown MP, has selected the following Ministers to lead government departments relevant to the BES:

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

  • Secretary of State: Hilary Benn MP
  • Minister of State: Lord Rooker (farming, animal welfare)
  • Minister of State: Phil Woolas MP (climate change, energy, sustainable development)
  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State: Joan Ruddock MP (climate change, biodiversity)
  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State: Jonathan Shaw MP (marine, local environmental quality)

Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills*

  • Secretary of State: John Denham MP
  • Minister of State: Bill Rammell MP (Higher Education)
  • Minister of State: Ian Pearson MP (Science and Innovation)
  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State: David Lammy MP (Skills)
  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State: Lord Triesman (IP)

* New Department

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Anonymous said...

Some MPs and scientists are concerned that the creation of DIUS could lead to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee being disbanded or subsumed into a new departmental committee, resulting in less scrutiny of science policy.,,2124895,00.html