Monday, 24 September 2007

Forest Now Decleration

Forests Now is a campaign to stop deforestation, because tropical forest ecosystems act as carbon sinks and provide ecosystems services that every human being depends on. Forests in the developing world support the livelihood of 1.4 billion people, but the demand for timber and biofuels are causing these regions to contribute 18-25% of global carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

Forests Now are asking Governments to include tropical forests in carbon markets. They have suggested that:

  • Carbon market rules should encourage reforestation, afforestation and sustainable forest management.
  • That tropical forest and land use carbon credits should be included in the EU Trading Scheme.
  • Incentives that encourage the sustainable use of degraded land and ecosystems ought to be in place.
  • Assistance should be available for developing nations so they can participate in carbon markets.
  • All national and international carbon markets include carbon credits for reduced emissions from deforestation and the protection of standing forests.

Scottish Inquiry into Flooding

The Scottish Parliament's Rural Affairs and Environment Committee launched an inquiry into the flooding and flood management of Scotland. The Committee wants evidence from those involved in flood management or people who can provide insights into how climate change may affect the future flooding of Scotland. The Committee wants to investigate current flood management in Scotland and how it can be improved in relation to previous flooding experience and future climate change.

Committee on Climate Change

Defra is seeking specialists to form its Climate Change Committee which is due to initiate in spring 2008. Closing date for the posts is 8th October 2007. The Committee will act in a "shadow" capacity until the Climate Change Bill becomes law.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Conservative Environment Proposals

The Conservative Party's Quality of Life Policy Group has published its report 'Blueprint for a Green Economy.' The report covers a range of environmental issues (climate change, marine, farming). Recommendations in the report will be considered by the Shadow Cabinet in drawing up new policies.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Welsh Assembly Inquiry into TB in Wales

The Welsh Assembly’s Rural Development Sub-Committee is conducting an inquiry into TB in Wales. The Sub-Committee will be focussing particularly on the implementation of the recommendations of the Environment, Planning and Countryside (EPC) Committee’s inquiry in 2004 and the Independent Science Group’s (ISG) report into Bovine TB published in June 2007.

The deadline for responses is 21 September 2007.

Three sites proposed for Special Areas of Conservation status

Three estuaries - the Dee, Humber and Severn - have been earmarked by Defra as Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) to protect vulnerable wildlife and habitats. Defra has asked to the European Commission to consider SAC status for the three candidate sites, to add to the UK’s 611 SACs covering just over two and a half million hectares, established under the EU Habitats Directive.

The Sustainable Development Commission is due to report in the autumn on the potential for utilising tidal power to generate electricity both in the Severn and elsewhere. SAC designation would not rule out tidal power development, including in the Severn Estuary, in appropriate circumstances.